Combining Fabulous Design with
Innovative Technology

Fam Brands developes world-class brands and products that leverage cutting-edge technology. In addition to compelling and fashion-savvy design, we use advanced materials and innovative features throughout our product offerings. As a result, consumers get superior apparel that also makes them look great. Our technology, design and feature advancements include:


Fabric that improves the wearer’s shape even before she begins to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

Two-Way Stretch
Fabric that stretches two ways allowing for a wide range of motion.

Fabrication that allows perspiration to be pulled away from the
skin for quick evaporation.

Shape Tek™
Power-Mesh system and strategically placed seaming that enhance body shapes for a slim and trim appearance.

Removable Cup Pads
Soft cup inserts that provide coverage and uplift to FAM activewear.



Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Innovative Design | Brand Development | Distribution | Capacity | Quality | Speed

Over 3 decades of leadership & experience in the fashion industry, FAM Brands has developed one of the industry's premier manufacturing systems. We have the capacity to produce 6M units per month via 50 factories worldwide. FAM Brands manufactures our products in state-of-the-art production facilities worldwide. Best in class PLM system for development and tracking, as well as maintaining the highest levels of social and ethical standards in all processes, from fiber to fabric, sewing to shipping. Strategic licensing partnerships across multiple categories. 2 Distribution Centers and 2 Sourcing and Quality Control offices worldwide. Private label partnerships leverage our advance design, materials and efficient manufacturing and distribution systems.